Flavio Angel Alvarado

Flavio Angel Alvarado

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Angel, a talented make-up artist from the Los Angeles area, says jokingly, ‘that he is is a 32 year old Latino that enjoys long walks and watching sunsets on the beach.’ His love of styling stems from growing up with two older sisters who had a huge influence on his interest in make-up, hair and beauty in general. He got his start playing dress-up and styling talent shows with neighborhood kids.

Reminiscing, Angel tells us of his early days in make-up:

‘We would turn on the radio and pull out dolls to braid, cut hair, or make dresses for. I was obsessed with My Little Pony’s! I collected them, and even had a traveling stable! (laughter) I would braid their hair, perm it, and color it with magic markers! While all the other kids played, I would throw on Menudo records, (latin boy band equivalent to One Direction) and flip through magazines admiring the makeup, hair, clothes, and glamour! I’d often redo the makeup with my own markers on the models, as I thought they could use more lash, or brighter lips! I knew I wanted to one day create beauty’.

Today, Angel is a freelance make-up artist that works a great deal with PacSun and Forever 21.

But first, lets get to know him a bit...

The Creative type: What are your career goals?

Angel: I’ve always dreamed of owning a salon and cosmetic line. As a teenager I sketched out floor plans, designed furniture, made logos and slogans in a notebook, which I still have to this day. I want to continue working in fashion, and hope to one day work Victoria Secrets, have spreads in Vogue, W, Harpers Bazaar to name a few. It’s been a huge dream of mine! Getting all the catalogs/magazines in the mail and going through all the pages full of beauty was an obsession as a teen. And unlike most teen boys, I was looking at makeup and hair!

CT: What made you decide to become a make up artist?

Angel: The love for beauty and fashion has taken me into many different jobs. From selling shoes while I was in high school, working as a receptionist at a salon, to photo retouching for a publication where I was given the chance to do makeup and hair for a shoot, and knew this was my calling. I didn’t have a professional kit. I showed up to my first photo-shoot with 5 brushes, 3 shades of Maybelline foundation, that I picked up from CVS the night before, and a few lipsticks I bought at a discount store, along with a few borrowed essentials from my mom. I did a lot of trial and error in my learning. Until I got a cosmetology book from one of my good friends, read it start to finish. Practiced a lot on many victims, read magazines for beauty tips, watched tutorials, and ALWAYS turned to my bible, Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin

CT: What advice would you give those just getting into the field?

Angel: Always be persistent. Never give up. Many obstacles will come up. Sometimes in shapes of those we love or look up to, even bosses , but when no one believes in your dream, you push harder and work better! Be your own cheerleader and you’ll see the results!

CT: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?

Angel: Stay humble! Never let your ego or insecurities get the best of you! We all have good days, and bad days. But at the end of the day know one day does not make your entire career.

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